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"I stumbled upon the Buddha B Yoga Teacher Training after practicing at the studio for a brief period.  Before that, I had been to many classes at nearly every studio in the DC area, but there was something special that immediately struck me about Buddha B.  I felt invited into a community deeply committed to the principles of yoga.  The studio owners, Valerie and Rexx Samuell, are not just running a studio, they are advanced practitioners in their own right and their dedication to the practice filters through the feel of the studio, the teacher training and all of the classes and workshops taught there. I was looking for a comprehensive yoga training led by knowledgeable and experienced instructors who I could trust. The BBY program did not disappoint! The training was profoundly rich, covering the primary philosophical yoga texts (led by the renowned Jivamukti instructor and Bhakti yogi Hari Kirtana-Das), and an in-depth examination of the postures, including anatomy, breath work, meditation, assists, and a thoughtful review of the cleansing practices from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.  It's also worth noting that BBY is one of the few studios that provides opportunities to teach soon after graduation, which is a testament to the trust the Samuells have in the program they've devised, as well as the quality of the students that the studio attracts.  Following graduation, as I started teaching, the training instructors continued to be available to provide feedback and guidance that were not only useful for me as a new teacher, but also as a student working on my own practice.  A few years after I graduated from the BBY TT, I went on to complete the Jivamukti 300-hour program.  It was during that training, when I experienced a renewed appreciation for the incredible foundation I received from Buddha B.  The BBY teacher training was an incredible opportunity and from that, so many wonderful things in my life unfolded as a result of the clarity I gained through the new depth of my practice."

-Lisa P., graduate of the Spring 2012 Buddha B Yoga Center 200-Hour Teacher Training



Started going here under a Groupon promotion and have been going since. Absolutely love this place. There is a wide range of fabulous instructors, each with their own style and approach, and many who check in with you during the practice to make sure you are addressing issue areas, holding the right posture, and taking the class in a direction that reflects the needs and wants of the participants. I've highly enjoyed my classes with Rexx (co-founder), Santiago (who focused the class on being present not just doing positions), Darin (full of energy and happiness), and Denese (with longer, earlier class on Saturday mornings). I ended up buying a 20-class pass because I love Buddha B. It's helped keep me grounded and aware during stressful weeks and present of my body and where I am at. There is a magic to practicing in class with others and knowing that you will be guided in ways that may challenge your body but do not hurt it. I don't think I would have the proper guidance, or discipline, practicing alone, much less the experience of practicing in community. Highly recommend!


Buddha B Yoga is one of the best places in DC.  I'm a regular there and every time I find myself on the mat, it feels awesome.  Here are some awesome teachers:

Lisa, Andrea, Valerie, and Rexx.

Many others are fantastic too... but these teachers seem to push the students without being forceful.  They have a simple way to guiding students through the poses and breathing techniques.

The front desk staff is awesome too.  

Everything is easy and accessible for me.  I go in, scan my bar code, and relax on the mat until class starts. One of the most convenient things is that I can leave my mat at the center.


Initial concerns aside, Buddha B is an excellent studio.  This was easily the best yoga instructor I have ever had and it's not even close.  Seriously, if you ever have a chance to take a class from Rexx Samuel, just do it.  Rexx was very down-to-earth, extraordinarily knowledgeable, genuinely funny, and has a teaching method that actually works even for beginner level students like myself.  If you happen to take his class during Moon Sequence (Chandra Krama), you are in luck.  He's one of ten teachers in the entire United States that can teach the class, and after attending the Moon Sequence, I think the yoga light finally turned from yellow to green for me.  

It's funny to think that I had what old me would have considered an extraordinarily stressful morning (I was in a mediation against one of the icons of my field) because after the Moon Sequence was completed, I experienced a calmness I usually only reach at the depths of my greatest meditation sessions.  It has actually carried on to this morning.  This is exactly the type of calm inner peace that yoga is designed to instill, and it is exactly why I am giving Buddha B and Rexx Samuel five brightly lit stars.  It might not be the prettiest studio and it might pack in a few more students than many would like, but so far it has been the most effective studio in terms of why I practice yoga.  I'll be back.


I just love this place.  So far I've mostly taken classes with Valerie, who is WONDERFUL--probably the best yoga teacher I've ever had.  She's kind and funny, and she does a great job of explaining things and making adjustments.  I leave her classes feeling so much better than I did when I walked in.  I also really like the studio.  It's clean, bright, and welcoming.  There's always been tons of space to move, although so far I've gone at what I think are probably less crowded times.  I'm very excited to try more classes and teachers!


Bought 24 classes for $24 at the beginning of the year, without having seen the place, having taken about two yoga classes in my 25 years. I was a yoga skeptic, not really into the 'ohm-ing' and third eye stuff. But yup, they got me hooked.

Valerie and Rexx are great! Last week my lower back was hurting so much during the final rest (corpse pose?) and Valerie noticed my squirming about on the mat, and brought these sandbags to put under my knees to straighten things out. Definitely give this place a try!

While it does get busy on weekday evenings, they rarely turn you away if you come 10-15 mins early. Just be on time.


This review is for the spa - it's a beautiful space and very relaxing. I got the 90-minute intro massage for $90 with Jeff. He was fantastic! He really took the time to talk with me about what kind of massage I wanted and which areas to focus on. He had a great combination of techniques to work with and around my knee injury. I left feeling super relaxed. Just don't plan to do too much right after the massage!


Like others on Yelp I purchased the Living Social deal for Buddha B. Wow! I LOVE this place! The studio is bright, spacious. The teachers are fantastic. I took my first class after walking over there from work on an oppressively hot day - the kind of humid DC heat that makes you just want to jump into a pool to cool off and not do any strenuous workouts. So I showed up kind of grumpy and exhausted for my first class, but Valerie has such infectious energy that I got focused and energized about my practice right away.

great space, great class! the instructor taught with a good mix of energy + zen.


This place is good, I like the instructors and it's such a friendly environment. I think Rexx is my favorite because he is so hilarious. I have never laughed that much during a yoga class!


This was my best yoga experience ever! 15 Yoga Classes Buddha B yoga- $15 for 15 yoga classes


I'm so happy I purchased this deal! Valerie was AWESOME, really knows her stuff, and knows how to lead a class. I can't wait to use the rest of my classes.


Rexx has a great style of instruction .. I'm excited to meet the other teachers.

15 Yoga Classes Buddha B yoga- $15 for 15 yoga classes


I am very happy to have found Buddha B yoga. Like many, I began at Buddha B due to a livingsocial coupon, but I am pretty sure I will become a regular paying student. Valerie is great and I sense she that she somehow really cares about each of us.....for instance, in my first class she learned and referred to every one by name, even though most of us were new. The classes are challenging, but I always feel safe to try everything. Also it is a non competitive atmosphere (unlike other studios I have visited). One more thing. The location is great. One block from U Street metro stop, and I feel perfectly safe at night time.
Try it.


Great new wide open space!
Valerie's an awesome instructor!
The $10/10 days beginner deal's a steal... check it out!


I have been to many yoga studios in DC, and I've loved all of them in their own ways (it's hard not to love yoga). This is the first studio I've felt compelled to write a review about. Coming in out of the windiest day I can remember ever experiencing in DC, I found in Valerie's morning class (the first one I've attended with her and at the studio) the perfect blend of peace and challenge. She has an unbelievably lovely teaching manner - of serenity and knowledge. This is not a studio to miss.


I love this place. I've gone 3 times in the past week, and it just keeps getting better. Valerie is a great instructor -- really pushes you to improve and grow, but in a very non-threatening way. She genuinely cares about her practice and her yogis!


Buddha B Yoga is a great studio, with an awesome energy. I am new to yoga, but I owe my love for yoga to its owner Valerie. I encourage everyone to attend class here.


Buddha B Yoga is a beautiful studio and a warm and welcoming new center for the DC yoga community. As a yoga teacher, I could not recommend this studio more highly! I encourage everyone looking for a calm and serene space, and knowledgeable teachers such as Valerie, to attend a class here.


I have been practicing yoga on and off over the past 10 years and I was thrilled that a new yoga studio has opened up next to my building as I've been trying to get back into yoga after straining muscles playing tennis and getting bored with running. I am picky with yoga studios as I have experienced disappointment with overcrowded studios with instructors who pay little attention to alignment and breathing techniques. They just opened their studio 4 days ago, and I've been 3 days in a row and I am looking forward to going in as often as I can. So far I've only taken classes from Valerie, but she is a great instructor. There are straps, blocks, blankets, wedges, cushions etc. available to help with positioning and alignment, and even though I consider myself a seasoned yogi, she helped me strengthen and improve even my basic downward dog and chaturanga by paying careful attention to alignment, and pushing me to perfect each posture. The studio is bright, sunny and clean and located close to the U Street/Cardozo metro stop. And they have a great introductory offer-- $10 for the first 10 days, definitely worth a try especially if you are looking for a place to start or continue your yoga practice.

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